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Thread: <insert swearing here> FOX!

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    <insert swearing here> FOX!

    FOX is axeing everything good on their channel

    The X Files
    The Lone Gunmen

    and now.....

    Dark Angel

    What is it with FOX and innovative ideas, and why do they find a sick pleasure in axing all my favorite shows??

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    Re:<insert swearing here> FOX!

    now more futurama??? that was a short lived series for how good it was :'(

    and dark angel???? no more running hot chick??? DAMN!!!

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    Re:<insert swearing here> FOX!

    Futurama will live on... Cartoon Network has it after this season.... watch for the adult swim hour (AFAIK).

    oh and FOX axed Family Guy too, and it seems that this show called Firefly (which I haven't seen, since it does air in denmark) is also getting the axe..

    FOX is now known as the rerun network... known for killing television innovation.... I'm glad there's no FOX in denmark.

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    Re:<insert swearing here> FOX!

    theyre also prolly gonna can their brilliant new show...Firefly :-\

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    Re:<insert swearing here> FOX!

    [quote author=cj171 link=board=17;threadid=5717;start=0#54731 date=1038788153]
    theyre also prolly gonna can their brilliant new show...Firefly :-\

    Yeah, I have heard that too. That would mean no more Inara!! No!! I didn't like it at first, but it has really grown on me.

    And Sci-Fi channel axed Farscape. Wtf is up with them. Farscape is one of the coolest shows ever created. I will miss Rygel and Dargo :'( Oh, and Scorpius too of course.

    I guess Stargate will get dumped any day now. It's a good show and we can't have that, can we!!

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    Re:<insert swearing here> FOX!

    They are making room for more crappy reality junk.

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