I am attempting phase out my Windows 2000 domain controller on my home network.

The machine box is a Compaq Proliant 5000 with 512Mb memory, 4 x Pentium Pro 2000 CPU's and a RAID 5 25Gb Ultra SCSI array ... I have added a SiS 8Mb PCI video card, it's not good but it is far superior to the now disabled on board video.

I have installed SuSE 8.0 on it, selecting for no office apps, KDE and the network server option. What I want to do now is how to do the following:

* Set up some print queues: I have three printers:
- An HP 640C on a single printer HP Jet Direct Box.
- An Epson EPL-5700 Laser on port 1 of a three port Jet Direct Box
- An Epson 600 on port 2 of the same three port Jet Direct Box

* Set Up Samba to authorise (act similar to an NT domain controller), file & print sharing for Linux and Windows clients.

* Add an ISDN card & setup:
- Mail Proxy (preferably some kind of mail database accessible from both Outlook and a Linux mail client).
- Internet Proxy

* Finally add a raid controller (I gotta buy this but it will probably be a Promise ATA 133 Raid Card) and transfer my two 80Gb data drives to the new box.

Once that's done I should be able to decommission my Win2K server.

Note: it is necessary, in the short term at least, to maintain some compatibility with windows networks.

Are there any good resources for doing this?