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Thread: Disabling directory listing with .htaccess

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    Disabling directory listing with .htaccess

    I've googled around for about an hour and come up with nothing. Basically, I'd like to stop a directory from displaying a directory listing through an .htaccess file. Is it possible?

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    Re:Disabling directory listing with .htaccess

    Why you want to complicate things with .htaccess where you can do by unloading a module in httpd.conf file??

    If you don't want Apache to display directory listing, uncomment the line for in DSO support area of httpd.conf file.

    If you want other directories to display directory listing but not a specific directory, you have to do with password access to that directory.

    Or leave the page in cgi-bin directory which has directory listing disabled.


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    Re:Disabling directory listing with .htaccess

    Okay, thanks

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