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    Website Update Price

    I was contracted to do a simple static website and now they want to contract me monthly to do the updates. The updates just include changing text, adding/removing pictures and the like. What is a resonable price a month for that?

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    Re:Website Update Price

    Well, think about how many hours you would be spending on it each month. Then think about an hourly rate that you want to charge. Multiple the two, and there you have it.

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    Re:Website Update Price

    Well, it also depends on how often they want to update a month and how much work you have to do such as just updating current web design or they want to change it every now and then.....

    $ 120 a month shouldn't be too bad if it involve a little more than 2 hours of your time each month.

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    Re:Website Update Price

    Think of it this way. You are a contractor. Thake the normal hourly wage you would do this for at a full time job (lets say $10/hr for simplicity), take in the fact that you are not necessarily guaranteed the fact the will continue to wnat your services, the fact that you must pay taxes on your income (not being withheld for you) and you need to find your own insurance. Take that hourly wage and multiply by 6-8 and that is how much per hour you charge. So charging $60-$80 per hour is what you should aim for. Plus if you actually get to the point of doing so, anytime you must touch the server, make a configuration change, drive to them, whatever .. thats a fee. Not a ridiculous one, but a fee. Like you need to reconfigure an SQL DB, $60 per hour, plus $25 for touching the configuration, and $25 to reset the service.

    This is a common way to invoice work done (at least in the Milwaukee area)

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