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Thread: More suggestions needed/

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    More suggestions needed/

    Hi, one of our labs is in the boondocks and isn't able to get Cable or DSL. We are thinking of getting them Satellite. We need them to have some sort of high speed for the VPN we are building between 30+ labs. Does anyone know how bad the security is for a wireless connection like this. When I asked Earthlink what type of encryption they use she tells me " Well, they scramble the data and then unscramble it when it reaches the destination" Really!?, WOW no kidding! As you can see I am scared. Thanks in advance.

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    Re:More suggestions needed/

    Check this site out. They have an encrypted PPTP Client for Linux that should provide better security than stock satellite scrambling.


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    Re:More suggestions needed/

    What satellite system are you going to use? I didn't think there were any that were compatible with linux.

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    Re:More suggestions needed/

    Thanks Stryder, looks pretty sweet. I will deff check it out.
    jmcook, I am looking into Dish and direct TV. They say they don't support Linux but that doesn't mean it wont work. They would just rather spend their time dealing with MS crap.

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