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Thread: Religions explained

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    Religions explained

    Taoism: Shit Happens

    Hare Krishna: Shit Happens Rama Rama Ding Dong

    Hinduism: This Shit Happens Before

    Islam: If Shit Happens, Take A Hostage

    Zen: What Is The Sound Of Shit Happening

    Buddhism: When Shit Happens, Is It Really Shit?

    Confucianism: Confucius Say, Shit Happens

    7th Day Adventist: Shit Happens On Saturday

    Protestantism: Shit Won’t Happen If I Work Harder

    Catholicism: If Shit Happens, I Deserve It

    Jehovah’s Witness: Knock, Knock, Shit Happens

    Unitarian: What Is This Shit?

    Mormon: Shit Happens Again & Again & Again

    Judaism: Why Does This Shit Always Happen To Me?

    Rastafarianism: Lets Smoke This Shit

    Evangelism: Shit Really Has Happened

    Atheistism: I Don't Believe This Shit

    Antagonism: This Might Be Shit, It Might Not Be

    GNUism: All Shit Should Be Free

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    Re:Religions explained

    Amen, my fellow brother of the sh*t-just-keeps-happening-to-me!

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    Re:Religions explained

    Rastafarianism: Lets Smoke This Shit

    That one's GREAT

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    Re:Religions explained

    Atheistism: I Don't Believe This Shit

    that ones better ;D

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    Re:Religions explained

    Hare Krishna is my favourite.

    Satanism: Eat shit and die.

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    Re:Religions explained

    Jediism: happen, shit does.

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    Re:Religions explained

    [quote author=pam link=board=17;threadid=5692;start=0#54557 date=1038489810]
    Jediism: happen, shit does.
    [/quote]ROTFL!!!! ;D

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