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Thread: The Windows Equivalents

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    Even with dreamweaver I think you should be going through and cleaning up the code. The WYSIWYG editors are nice in that they speed up the whole process (how many people really think manually typing out you're <p>'s, and figuring out the font colors yourself saves time? Gah! I also use a GUI email client rather than cat /var/spool/ma...) In the past of what seems like ages ago, when I did web design stuff I would use Netscape Gold 3.0's composer (I liked it better than dreamweaver, go figure..) and editted the code to clean it up/add anything NS wouldn't do.

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    wouldn't WINE be an option for running these two programs?

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    wine would sort of be a possibility, but still not the best option.

    for doing web stuff i would avoid doing stuff in wysinwyrw editors (what you see is never what you really wanted). sure they can be helpful, but the farthest i've ever gone is using somethin that autocompletes html tags and makes sure they close. the prob with dreamweaver is that it is very literal and not logical. html is designed to be logical, not to define exactly where every little single pixel is sposed to be. that way it can work on all sorts of systems. tricks like pixel wide graphics and gobs of tables are just stupid IMO.

    if you really want to get fancy, you can do some INCREDIBLE stuff with CSS if you know how. the only prob is that IE is stupid and does actually follow the CSS spec 100% like they say they do.

    check out css/edge, it has lots of great layouts and awessome effects, and they like never use tables. looks the best in mozilla.

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