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Thread: DMA for DVD Drive

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    DMA for DVD Drive

    Hello, I have been a very long time reader of this board and thought it was about time I joined. Now a while back I saw something about enabling DMA for the DVD drive in Redhat 8.0 (schotty plz ;D ) And wondered if any of you guys/gals knew howto do it..


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    Re:DMA for DVD Drive

    hi frag,
    You can enable DMA in /etc/sysconfig/harddisks - sorry for short answer, at work now.

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    Re:DMA for DVD Drive

    hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc

    You have to do it each time you reboot, so you might want to add "/sbin/hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc" to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local

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    Re:DMA for DVD Drive

    Hi fragmaster.

    pbharris is correct . Here is a smippet of my /etc/sysconfig/harddisk file :

    # These options are used to tune the hard drives -
    # read the hdparm man page for more information
    # Set this to 1 to enable DMA. This might cause some 
    # data corruption on certain chipset / hard drive
    # combinations. This is used with the "-d" option
    # Multiple sector I/O. a feature of most modern IDE hard drives,
    # permitting the transfer of multiple sectors per I/O interrupt,
    # rather than the usual one sector per interrupt.  When this feature
    # is enabled, it typically reduces operating system overhead for disk
    # I/O by 30-50%.  On many systems, it also provides increased data
    # throughput of anywhere from 5% to 50%.  Some drives, however (most
    # notably the WD Caviar series), seem to run slower with multiple mode
    # enabled. Under rare circumstances, such failures can result in
    # massive filesystem corruption. USE WITH CAUTION AND BACKUP.
    # This is the sector count for multiple sector I/O - the "-m" option
    # (E)IDE 32-bit I/O support (to interface card)
    # Enable drive read-lookahead
    # Add extra parameters here if wanted
    # On reasonably new hardware, you may want to try -X66, -X67 or -X68
    # Other flags you might want to experiment with are -u1, -a and -m
    # See the hdparm manpage (man hdparm) for details and more options.
    AS you can see, I just uncommented the lines. I seem to have fine DMA with my DVD, so I suppose that is the only spot to make it to work right.

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