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Thread: EXTRAVERSION entry in Makefile

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    EXTRAVERSION entry in Makefile

    A question I've pondered a couple of times but haven't yet got round to asking.....

    In the OMP for enablng NTFS support, there is an instruction to remove 'custom' from the end of the EXTRAVERSION line in the top level Makefile just before running 'make dep'.

    Could someone explain to me what difference this makes? I'm curious.

    Thanks ...... Pete

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    Re:EXTRAVERSION entry in Makefile

    Kernel modules are kernel version specific. Although you can disable this, but I don't recommend it.

    Say you were running kernel version 2.4.18-18 And the Makefile had...

    VERSION = 2
    SUBLEVEL = 18
    EXTRAVERSION = -18custom

    If you built the module without removing custom you would be building the module for kernel version 2.4.18-18custom. When you tried to load the module you would get a message stating the module was not built for the kernel version you were running.

    Jim H

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