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Thread: Putting more commands behind an already running command

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    Putting more commands behind an already running command

    Ever had that you were building (/emerging/casting) something, but thought of more during the build? You can put the commands behind the running command by:
    1. Press Control+Z, the process is paused
    2. Run "fg ; command(s) you want to run"
    Beware though, once you press Control+Z again, the new commands start running so this only works once and you have to leave the process alone for the rest of the time.

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    See also 'jobs', to list those stopped jobs, and 'bg', to put the process in the background.

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    Yeah. Good idea to check jobs before doing the fg command as well, just in case you have something else backgrounded. Then you can fg by job nuumber.

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    Re: Putting more commands behind an already running command

    A kind of short summary for % usage:

    Ctrl+Z: Pause and send to background.
    jobs: List background processes.
    %n: take the n'th process in `jobs` to foreground.
    %n &: load n'th process (in `jobs`) in the background (a kind of resume to Ctrl+Z pause.)

    When you want to resume a process in the background with &, sometimes it also dumps its output to foreground too. To escape from this situation you can run process as a child proc. (which we call as double penatration
    it's sth. like that:

    # first try this:
    > mplayer mudvayne.mp3 &
    # or
    > mplayer mudvayne.mp3 & 1> /dev/null 2>&1
    # as you'll see, it dumps its output to stdout.
    # stop above process and this time try this:
    > { mplayer mudvayne.mp3 & } 1> /dev/null 2>&1 &
    # but this time mplayer isn't listed in the `jobs`
    # it appears as a child process in `ps` output.

    for more information about this, you can take a look at ABS (advanced bash scripting) guide. (also, i should take a look at too

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