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Thread: Copying a table.

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    Copying a table.

    I have to do this on a Winbox using ODBC. I am using PERL and DBI. How would I go about copying a table. I'm sure this is easy but I am not seeing it. I need to convert the data from the ODBC source to a dbf formated file. I know I would use XBASE and ODBC but what would the code be like. Anyy suggestion on which functions to use?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re:Copying a table.

    Did you ever figure it out?

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    Re:Copying a table.

    In Oracle you can create a table based on another table... not sure which DB you're using... you can also SELECT the entire table and use Perl to build an SQL statement to create a new table and insert everything... should be pretty easy

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    Re:Copying a table.

    You can select from table A and at the same time insert the data into table B. This can be a temp table or not. Either way. Or... bcp the data out from tab;le A then bcp the data into table B.

    What are you trying to do? Do you need the sql?
    Post some more information.

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    Re:Copying a table.

    create table foo select * from bar;

    i don't know if that will help you or not since you're using two different databases. do you have do DBI objects or what?

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