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Thread: Dedicated Linux Laptop

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    Dedicated Linux Laptop

    Hello everyone,

    I know this gets asked alot on this board but I gotta ask again, pluss I need your input on a specific question too.

    Anyway what would you guys put on a Compaq Presario 1245 laptop AMD K6II 333 w/ 192mb ram I think a 6 gig HD?
    It won't be going on the net right way, but may be later used as a router/home network server(maybe).

    My specific question is about Darwin... I was on and I saw that they have Darwin for the i386 architecture. Do you think that it would be worth it, is it cool, is it nice? Does anyone know about it?


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    Re:Dedicated Linux Laptop

    I've thought about messing around with it. Since it was originally based on FreeBSD, it should be pretty sweet. I wonder what the basic differences between Darwin and FreeBSD are.

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    Re:Dedicated Linux Laptop

    I also forgot to mention that I am toying around with the idea of doing an LFS system on this machine. Should be quite sleak and speedy. Anyway if there is any other distro out there that people think I should consider I would love to hear it!


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    Re:Dedicated Linux Laptop

    well if you are considering darwin do your research when i last used it (pure on my mac) it was not very well supported in the ix86 architecture. the filesystem setup is different fron freebsd.

    you could also try crux's i586 port. LRs linux. (ugh) Gentoo.

    any distro that you can optuimize to your archtecture would really be the best.

    (oh yeah setting up darwin for the net will be a bitch i never got it done and i use adsl pppoe!)

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    Re:Dedicated Linux Laptop

    While I think GNU/Darwin (I never used Darwin by itself) is pretty darn cool, I would not install it on a laptop. GNU/Darwin doesn't have a while lot of drivers for ix86 arch and seriously doubt it will be anny better on a laptop.

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