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Thread: Isn't javascript great?

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    Isn't javascript great?

    I was at this website today that used javascript for it's navigation and it wasn't working so great in opera, so i tried knoqueror, and that just made things worse, so I tried Mozilla because it supports those wonderful things called "standards" , and here is what I discovered.

    Now this wouldn't be quite as bad if this was just some obscure, crappily done website, but it is the University of Alberta's website. This is no joe shmoe making a page in his basement.

    From this, I conclude that Javascript = bad

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    Re:Isn't javascript great?

    I don't think that is quite it. I think that javascript really could be great, BUT, there are a lot of coding issues. I have problems in every browser but Netscape. I think that people need to learn how to do it properly. And the browsers need to use more universal support of it. As in, all using the same javascript engine.

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    Re:Isn't javascript great?

    Well, the real problem is that it was made by Netscape, but then they didn't really make any standards for it, or enforce any at all, so it isn't standardized at all and therefore is very browser dependant.

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    Re:Isn't javascript great?

    Only thing I can get javascript working in is Mozilla.

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