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Thread: Why is IE bad?

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    Why is IE bad?

    I'm going to be writing an article on why people shouldn't use IE. So far, I have:

    - Security holes/bugs
    - No pop-up blocking software
    - No support for transparent .png's
    - Doesn't support CSS2 very well if at all
    - No tabs

    Can anyone add any more to the list? Thanks

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    my 1st and biggest reason for its 'crapiness' is that it is integrated into the OS.

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    Yeah, I had thought about that. The of this article is to get people to try out a different browser. How can I make the integration of IE into Windows look bad so they are going to care. I don't think most people would care if its integrated into the OS or not unless that was the primary reason for something not working.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    pherphas by saying because it's intregated into the OS it's open to worse security holes then other browers which diistinguish os and app.
    But this falls under security holes so I would make it a sub-chapter in securiity holes

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    IE for mac is horribly slow, anyone who's used IE on a mac should know what i'm talking about, (and if you don't, open up netscape with the same page and compare load times).

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    well i don't like it integrated into the OS because i don't need an internet browser. and by them saying i do tells me they don't give two hoots about what i want.

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    What is your audience? This will help define "bad". For example, an average user isn't going to care about CSS whereas a web developer might care about that more so.

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    Well its to the "slightly informed". The smarter than average windows user. But any user is going to care if they come across some of my other webpages. I use CSS positioning which renders extremely poorly on IE.

    [edit] I think IE does support positioning somewhat but it certainly doesn't support it well on one of the sites I made (It looks terrible)[/edit]

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    IE webrendering standards are crappy, extented standards my ass... makes me use Mozilla in Windows anytime... Standard compliant browsers are a must to ensure equal access to internet content.

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    Re:Why is IE bad?

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=5719;start=0#54752 date=1038824486]
    Standard compliant browsers are a must to ensure equal access to internet content.

    Exactly. And that's the reason IE supports standards so badly. You must use M$'s own "standards" in order to make your site look good in IE, and the result is that your site sucks in other browsers. Then you'll slap a button on your site saying "Best viewed with IE," and M$ is happy.

    I was completely shocked when I realized IE doesn't support transparent PNG's. WTF? That's supposed to be a MODERN browser?

    Anyway, there is a way to make your transparent PNG's work in IE, but you'll need to stick some extra code on your site. I've never bothered trying it, though - I won't touch any IE specific code thank you very much.


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