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Thread: reading .html and not .php

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    reading .html and not .php

    My apahce server will only reconize .html when i go to the url i have setup on my home machine .php works only if i specifiy the file, why is that?


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    Re:reading .html and not .php

    On the "DirectoryIndex" line, add index.php. Make sure you uncomment the line that loads PHP.

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    Re:reading .html and not .php

    which config file?

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    Re:reading .html and not .php

    httpd.conf it's location depends on your distro. Often it is in /etc/httpd.conf but it may not be on your system. Just do a search for it.

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    Re:reading .html and not .php

    Oh, sorry. I thought I included that. Yeah, just search for httpd.conf. It might be in /etc/apache, but some distro's put things all over so that might not be the exact location on your box.

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