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Thread: Calcium cures disease, including cancer.

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    Calcium cures disease, including cancer.

    It is true, I can't believe it either. But you would if you read Robert Barefoot's books or listened to his tape like I have. After listening to his tape "The Calcium Factor" last night, all I cant get out of my head is that all these diseases are calcium deficiency related and that to rid them, you just need more calcium. I know some people would be skeptical but I don't think I am, I'm a believer simply because this guy stated explanation and backed everything up. I thought I'd share it with you guys, so I tried to find an article that covers at least some of whats on this tape. It is all about the Coral Calcium.

    I would like to point out that there's over 200 degenerative diseases caused by calcium deficiency. That includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, you name it, and it's rather interesting that the April, 1996 issue of Reader's Digest, "Calcium: The Magic Mineral" article even went so far as to tell people that had kidney stones, which have calcium, and gallstones, which have calcium, that the correct procedure is to consume MORE calcium, because they're caused by calcium deficiency. This is diametrically opposed to medical advice today.
    When I give my speeches to people, what I like to tell them is there are seven major cultures in the world that never, ever, ever get sick. They never get cancer, they never get heart disease, they never get diabetes. They have no doctors. These people live 30, 40 years longer, and they don't grow old. What's the common denominator? One hundred times the RDA of everything. So they're taking 100 times the RDA. They take so much, they get all they need and the body passes what it doesn't need.
    Okay, let me see. I want to make sure that I understand all of these terms correctly. Calcium is the natural element that our body needs. Period. As the glue to hold everything together and as the element that makes the other vitamins and minerals absorbable.

    And one more crucial factor. That is, it is the key to maintain caustic body fluids, and that is crucial. Caustic body fluids are able to fill up oxygen. In other words, a very mild caustic will absorb 20 times as much oxygen as a very mild acid. Therefore, the calcium keeps your body so full of oxygen that it wards off virus, disease, and things like cancer, according to two time Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg. That's how it works. And it was the calcium that did it.
    Well, you were getting in to so many things there, but when you said menopause, I think back to the Reader's Digest article and they virtually said that 92% of hysterectomies wouldn't be necessary with calcium supplements. PMS is crucial. EVERYthing biologically is tied to the calcium. If you have aches and pains, it's calcium. If you have osteoporosis, it's calcium. If you age prematurely, that's calcium too. And we can get in and explain in detail with molecules exactly how it works. It's technically and scientifically verifiable that calcium is the crucial element in preventing all these things. For example, take heart disease. Everyone blames cholesterol, but it absolutely has nothing to do with heart disease. What happens is when the body becomes acidic, the muscle around the artery gets holes in it. Acid eats holes in muscle. In order to protect the body, it starts hardening. The body hardens the area and a hardened artery would crack, and cholesterol comes along and seals the crack, saves your life, and it's called "guilty found at the scene of the crime."
    If cholesterol were involved, you would have hardening of the veins. But no vein has ever hardened, so it's the muscle tissue. And that's the only difference between a vein and an artery, is the muscle tissue. And it's the disintegration of muscle tissue, and, boy, I can tell you now that the scientific community is waking up to this. Reports and publications by medical doctors and scientists are saying that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease, that it is just acid.

    Now, what caused the acid? Here we go again. Had they had their calcium, the buffers would have kept the acid out and the oxygen in, and they would never have heart disease.

    Theres the interview I got these quotes from and ther is plenty more stuff to read from that interview, however they don't explain as much in detail as Rob Barefoots tape does, so I strongly recommend checking out his tape. Or you can check out his books. The books are called "The Calcium Factor" and "Death By Diet", and the tape I listened to, was "The Calcium Factor".

    You can get his 2 books here, and even bottles of Coral Calcium if you'd like to try it yourself.

    Here is a bottle, for a special price.

    And here you can buy his tape, for just $1.00,ONE DOLLAR!

    Me and my roommate are going to order a bottle of it, I'll definately tell you guys about it if it works.

    What blows my mind is that the tape is made from 1999, so we have had this information on our hands for at the least 3 years, and even more because it dates back so long. And yet we still put thousands possibly millions into medical research to find cures. Why cant the cure be as simple, as coral calcium?

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    Re:Calcium cures disease, including cancer.

    Thanks for sharing that. There are a few things that these ass pirate doctors keep shoveling, so they keep their cushey jobs. Another is the weight loss crap. Carbohydrates my friend.

    Oh and BTW -- the guy is right about eating like 100x the RDA (reccomended daily allowance). Arnold Schwarzenegger had a thing about when he was younger and did the bodybuilding, most of the guys he competed against in Austria didnt do any drugs like steriods. Yet they were WAYY stronger in the end, even years after slowing down on the training program. The one thing that he said -- eat specific diets. The garbage that the US seems top educate is very deficient in the needed proteins and vitamins. Essentially, he listed a sample diet that was a spitting mirror of what you said.

    Its amazing that the non-mainstream doctors are usually on par with the correct way to live ....

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    Re:Calcium cures disease, including cancer.

    The answer is always simple when the proper question is asked. My dear sweet mother made the same types of comments to me about China espically, and the French who eat what we here in the US consider crap yet seem to have fewer people with weight problems.

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