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Thread: trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

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    trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

    I'm quite new to linux. For the first two weeks I was just getting used to the GUI. But now I'm trying to install stuff. So I did some research and I found out that you has to used sh ./filename to install so I did. Everything seemed to go well except when I went to use the program it gave me an error like Error:Connot find Program. What should I do now?

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    Re:trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

    You installed it all? I believe the game is installed in /usr/local/games ? And the command to start it is ut2003demo i believe. But go check in the dir it is installed in, you should be able to find the executable in there .

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    Re:trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

    I dunno, I typed Sh ./filename got into the install program. I had to change the location of the install directory due to right limitations and then I clicked on begin install. It did its thing, and it said install complete. so i clicked on ut2003_demo and it said that utdemo didn't exist. So later, (just now) I typed it instead, and it gave me this "couldn't set video mode: couldn't find matching glx visual". How do fix this. If you think it'll help I have mandrake 9 and geforce 4 mx 420

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    Re:trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

    I'm usually not wonderful at this kind of stuff, but it would seem that you don't have glx set up on your system (graphics libraries that make graphics waaaaaay smoother and faster and provide 3d acceleration). Ge 4 huh? Must be nice

    1) go to
    2) get the latest version of the nvidia drivers for linux. Make sure you get BOTH the nvidia driver and glx driver
    3) While they're downloading, backup your /etc/XF86Config file (I belive that's what it's called, no? I've been stuck on Windows for a while now cause of school stuff). Go to /etc and type "cp XF86Config XF86Config-old". You must be root user to do this.
    4) Untar both the nvidia and glx sources in your home directory.
    */ You might want to keep these two sources around in case you ever change some settings and can't load the gui (happens upon kernel recompile). If that ever happens, just reinstall the drivers. Just a side note really. You're new to linux still so if any of this seems over you're head don't'll come in time./*
    Type "tar -zvxf <filename>.tar" to decompress each file. Go to the directories that will be created, and type "make install" as root user in each one.
    5) Edit your XF86Config have one backed up already as XF86Config-old so this is safe. Make sure you are root. Find the line that says

    Driver "nv"

    (or possibly "Driver "vesa"" apparently...I've not had this configuration before) and replace it with

    Driver "nvidia"

    In the Module section (more help available if you can't find this section, but take a look at the file and hopefully you'll figure it out), make sure you have:

    Load "glx"

    You should also remove the following lines, if they are present anywhere:

    Load "dri"


    Load "GLcore"

    5) Save the config file, and shutdown X Windows (a reboot will do this, or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace will suddenly kill X). Restart X by typing "startx". In theory, you now have 3d acceleration and glx.

    So yeah hope that helped. If that's not enough there's more detailed information in the README available with the driver downloads. If you have any problems (took me a while to get my Ge2 constantly crashed until I fixed some settings) you know where to take them. I've been through a lot of graphics hell before.

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    Re:trouble installing Unreal Tournament 2003 demo...

    oh be able to type in the command anywhere and run the game, as root user create a symlink in /usr/bin to the file.

    ln -s /<path to ut3k directory>/ut2003_demo /usr/bin/ut2003_demo

    If that doesn't work, switch the /usr/bin/ut2003_demo and /<path to ut2k3>/ut2003_demo parts. Can never remember the syntax for that one

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