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    Website Streaming

    I'm trying to find a good music streaming applet (preferably java) to play music on some websites. Does anyone know of anything that is capable of this?

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    Re:Website Streaming

    You can send RealMedia (realplayer files) from a http server. And if you want to do a stream, the Darwin QuickTime Streaming Server works great on my Slack box. Or you can do it with icecast/shoutcast.

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    Re:Website Streaming

    What they want is a little box with a play and a stop button that plays or stops the stream directly from the website.

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    Re:Website Streaming

    Also I want to avoid Flash for obvious reasons.

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    Re:Website Streaming

    Well, check out then - not free or Free, but works really well. Uses Java to play, so no plugin required.

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