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Thread: All sorts of X problems!!

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    All sorts of X problems!!

    Hi All,
    I'm a complete linux newbie so please forgive any particular stupidity on my part, but i have some problems...

    I have just installed RedHat Linux 7.0 on my computer to make a dual-boot system with windows, and i'm having major problems sorting out the graphical aspects of linux.

    I booted off the RHL cd and tried first to use the graphical installer, but i got an error message (which i have forgotten) and was forced to use the text installer. This all went swimmingly until i came to set up my monitor and video card - the monitor probe seems to work ok, but when it tries to start X to test the config, it reports an error and asks me to configure it manually. I have tried this using the manuals for my monitor and card, but i always get the same message.

    I know this is a bit vague, so i will put a runthrough of exactly what is going on at the end of this message.
    Thank you for reading this far!!

    I Have:
    Nvidia Geforce 2 MX200 32Mb
    Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 73.

    In RHL Setup
    Pci Probe gives:
    PCI Entry : Nvidia Corporation | NVII DDR
    X Server : None
    XFree4 Driver : nv

    Monitor Probe gives:
    Monitor Name : DiamondPlus7
    Hor Sync 31 - 96 kHz } These Should both be
    Ver Sync 59 - 86 kHz } Ok as far as I can tell

    Screen Configuration Probe Gives ERROR!

    All attempts to configure manually, even with most basic settings give ERROR!

    If You've made it down this far, then thnk you for reading a very long post, but i thought it best to give as much info as possible!

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    Re:All sorts of X problems!!

    this should be working w/o any issues, i have a 64 MB card gf2 mx card that works nicely. now! i am guessing it wants to set the resoltion to 165232x23135 and 64 bit colour, or something likle that. well, a 32MB card should not have any problem with 1024x768 with 24 bit colour, so you may try another setting for starters.

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    Re:All sorts of X problems!!


    I'd say continue the installation without testing X. Once you have linux running, it might be easier to troubleshoot from a terminal window.
    I'd also recommend to download the Nvidia drivers from the website, since they seem to work a lot better than the regular nv module.

    If you want to do this, I can guide you through it.

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    Re:All sorts of X problems!!

    Hi Guys, thanks for replying so soon...

    I've tried lots of other settings, right down to 640*480 at 8bit (i think) but i always get exactly the same error message.

    if it wouldn't be too much trouble, i would really apreciate it if you could guide me through updating the drivers. It feels pretty weird, i'm used to knowing how to do all this sort of stuff in windows, and now i'm a newbie again!

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    Re:All sorts of X problems!!

    It is not that hard. Can you complete the Linux installation without testing the video settings? If you can;

    1. Download these file (I assume you will have to use Windows to download them. You may need to put them somewhere you can access them from Linux, that is on a re movable drive, or on your windows partition, and then mount that Windows partition from linux to access them, since they won't fit on a floppy.)
    GLX Driver:
    Kernel Driver:

    What filesystem are you using on your Windows partition; Fat or NTFS?

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    Re:All sorts of X problems!!

    Its FAT

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