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Thread: Lilo doesn't install...

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    Lilo doesn't install...

    I've just finished installing RedHat Linux 7 off a cd set and everything seems to be ok except for some pretty major X problems {see my huge post in the X forum} and oneother weird thing....

    When i was setting up, i chose all the options for Lilo so that i could dual boot my system with windows Me and Linux. I have been told that wi Windows Me it is ok to install Lilo to the MBR since Me is not like NT. So i did all of this in setup.... but nothing seems to have happened. When i boot my system Me load straight away, with not sign og Lilo at all. I can still boot linux off a boot disk of course, but this is not really how i want things to work.

    the only thing i can think of is the when installing i left "linear mode" checked by mistake, when my hard drive is IDE. I won't pretent to know whatl inear mode is but the book i'm using said it was for SCSI drives - could this have caused the problem??

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    Re:Lilo doesn't install...

    hi pjt,
    is this redhat 7.0 or redhat 7.something else?

    anywho - if there is a file called /etc/lilo.conf try look at it and if it looks okay according to this PET

    the as user root type /sbin/lilo - it shoudl say added linux, added dos.

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    Re:Lilo doesn't install...

    It's Redhat 7.0.

    I will go away and try editing that file, thank you!

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    Re:Lilo doesn't install...

    Or, another option would be to install the (superior in my opinion) GRUB by following the PET:

    or the LFS hint (which i must admit, i prefer):

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