I just got the FreeBSD 4.7 cd's. I already have Win2k and RH 7.3 on my hard disk and was trying to install FreeBSD on another partition however,
the installation is completely different that windows or linux. my disk is broken up like this.

1st partition: win2k -ntfs
2nd partition: rh7.3 -ext3
3rd partiton: swap
4th extended w/ 2 logical partitions: fat32
-5th is free space
6th is my data drive fat32

I'd like to install FreeBSD on the 5th partition but when I run Fdisk none of the partition types are familiar to me. What's the difference between a partition and a slice? Can LInux and FreeBSD use the same swap partition?

I'd like to use LILO to boot these OS's. Can anyone show me how to configure lilo to add FBSD as a boot choice?

Any pointers to tuts would be appreciated.