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Thread: Freebsd install help

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    Make a .xinirc file if you don't already have one in your home dir with this in it:


    exec startkde

    running 'startkde' by itself doesn't like to work so well. :P

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    Thnx. I will give it a shot. Also, when I did type startx I was taken into an older WM, FVWM or something, and the mouse was jumping around uncontrollable. I believe I setup X the same as in Linux so how can I get this mouse under control?

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    Go into 'sysinstall' from CLI, and configure & run the mouse daemon (Configure > mouse > enable ) with the settings "/dev/sysmouse" for the device, and "SysMouse" or "MouseSystems" for the protocol for the Xfree86 mouse settings (Configure > Xfree86). You can also run without the mouse daemon, and just the Xfree86 settings. Looks like you misconfigured your mouse. What type of mouse is it, and does it have a wheel?

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    The mouse is a 2 button Microsoft Intellimouse with the wheel.

    Thnx again.

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    [quote author=Blaqb0x link=board=10;threadid=5569;start=0#53627 date=1037074163]
    I just got the FreeBSD 4.7 cd's. I already have Win2k and RH 7.3 on my hard disk and was trying to install FreeBSD on another partition however,
    the installation is completely different that windows or linux.

    The whole disk partitioning and installation procedure is covered in detail in the FreeBSD Handbook at Before installing FreeBSD, you should read those sections and then have them available in hard copy as you do the install. At first, installing FreeBSD will seem really awkward compared to Winblows or Linux. But, after you install it a dozen times, it will become very instinctive... ;D

    All kidding aside, I strongly recommend you read the partitioning and installation sections of the handbook.

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    Re:Freebsd install help

    The mouse is a 2 button Microsoft Intellimouse with the wheel.

    Thnx again.
    Go to the mouse daemon, Set the type to "Intellimouse", and the port to "Auto". After setting that, select "Enable", and make sure it is working correctly. If not, try a different mouse type.

    In Xfree86, set the device to /dev/sysmouse, and the protocol to MouseSystems. If it acts wierd in X, change it to Sysmouse instead.

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