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Thread: Best Bond movie ever?

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    Best Bond movie ever?

    Okay since most sane people can agree that Broshan is a very gay bond... we won't vote about that... but instead, in the spirit of "Die another Day" coming out.... which also eliminated "Worst Bond theme ever", because Madonna has to score big in.

    Anyways, I haven't seen all the Bond movies yet, I seen most of them - but I must say, "Licence to Kill" is my favorite so far, brilliant story and a decent Bond.

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    They're all good! And there's too many to pick a favorite, although i personally prefer the newer ones.

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    While everyone knows that Sean Connery is, hands down, the best Bond ever, he also had movies that were weaker in plot. That said, my personal favorite is either Octopussy or Moonraker, I go back and forth from time to time...

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    The plot and the villianness of the villain if important to me, thus Licence to Kill.... also has the cools Bond Theme song in modern history.

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    i really liked A View to a Kill, Roger Moore is my favorite Bond and the movie with Christopher Walken was quite cool.

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=17;threadid=5539;start=0#53489 date=1036872086]
    i really liked A View to a Kill, Roger Moore is my favorite Bond and the movie with Christopher Walken was quite cool.

    Ahhh yes! The most evil villian actor ever. Too bad he didnt dance in it ....

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    Are you people on Crack?

    The best Bond flicks were all Connery, with the only exception possibly being Live and Let Die (best boat chase ever).

    That being said, Goldfinger, From Russia with Love and Dr No. are my favorites.

    Also, the George Lazenby effort wasn't all that bad. (her Majesty's Secret Service) Telly Savalas as Blofeld was amusing.

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    Re:Best Bond movie ever?

    Connery is the ONLY realy Bond !!!

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