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Thread: Daylight Saving Time

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    Daylight Saving Time

    Is there a utility that adjusts the computer clock automatically when Daylight Saving Time occur? Or how does this work in Linux?

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    hi whiskers! i use rdate myself, although i have no idea if this is a good what to do this.

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    hmmm i thought if you had the proper setting in your bios and your locale was properly set the changes were automatic. i have never had to reset my clock when the time changes.

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    I was always under the impression that KDE did it automatically.

    Perhaps we can all just agree that it's done by the little green man who turns the wheel inside the computer?

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    bah no way man it is a little yellow rabbit in mine.

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    The clock on my RH 6.2 server did not seem to adjust automatically when Daylight Saving Time ended. KDE (or X11 for that matter) is not running, so that is not an option. How could I check what the time zone the server is set to?

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    oh oh. i thought that was a giant green mosquito... no wonder i have to have this crontab entry:
    * * * * * /rdate -s

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    What the fuck are all you people on ???



    As in the little sorta furry animal that likes the cold ... Oh well....

    Anyway to answer the question, if you set the locale right, you should have an autmoatically fixed clock every fall/spring when daylight savings rolls around. I run /sbin/setup to get to choose that.

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=1;threadid=5535;start=0#53411 date=1036788243]
    What the fuck are all you people on ???


    Oh my ears are burning there is such foul language on this board.

    [me=sarah31]no like swearing in forums.[/me]

    [me=sarah31]gets the soap to wash out schotty's foul mouth[/me]

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    Re:Daylight Saving Time

    ntp ?

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