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Thread: GREAT beers

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    Re:GREAT beers

    8) BECKS 8)

    Not only does it taste best of all, it's brewed in my hometown.

    Others I like: Calders and the one I can't remember what it was called. I had it in Portland, OR. It was from one of the local breweries and they sold it in the Cinema on Hawthorne (Rd | Dr | Blvd ?? (can't remember that either (should I start worrying about my diminishing memory?)))

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    Re:GREAT beers

    It's funny that i see this thread today.

    My wife and i went into NYC to have diner and drink some beer. We go to the place called Heartland Brewery. They brew the beer right on the restaurant. They have this lager called Cornhusker Lager ohhhhhhh god it is so fucking good, and it's potent too!!

    Now thats a good beer if it makes you travel to another state to drink it. Well i only live a 1/2 hour from the restaurant/bar ;D

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    Re:GREAT beers

    Although I no longer indulge in the pleasures of the grape, I have fond memories of a number of beers. I was fortunate in that roughly 25 miles from where I lived, we had an excellent independant brewery that was run by a dedicated beer lover; the F.X. Matt brewrery. Not only was F.X. Matt a beer lover, he was a really nice guy. Anyway, the West end brewery (that's what it was called before F.X. took over) had a reputation for making lousy beer that would get you drunk ( if you could stand it!) When F.X. started running the place, he discontinued the West end brands (foremost Utica Club), and started producing beer that was much more drinkable. I never cared for the flagship beer, Matt's lager, but I liked Saranac 1888, and the special Holiday beers they produced were great, but my favorite was only available on draught; Porter. Named for a type of brew, it was a dark lager, with a nutty taste. I drank a lot of that stuff, and I never had a hangover, AND being a dark, it kept me real regular!! AHHH, I miss those days!!

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    Re:GREAT beers

    i remember a microbrew that I had when i was in Port Canaveral, Ybor Golden or something like that. ;D
    From what i can recall ( :)it was excellent.

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    Re:GREAT beers

    3 Grolsch: Dutch beer (for if you know Heineken: Grolsch is way better!)

    2 Palm: Belgium's most known special beer I guess

    1 Hoegaerden's White: Also a belgian beer. Blonde beer

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    Re:GREAT beers

    8)Henry Weinhard's Private Reserv 8)
    Henry Weinhard's Blackberry beer

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    Re:GREAT beers

    Love Guiness

    Regular drinker of Killians Irish Red. Excellent!

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    Re:GREAT beers My current favorite is A&W Root Beer...from tap!

    When I was in the habit of drinking alcoholic drinks, I preferred Guinness, Killkenny, any German wheat beer, etc. The stouter the better.

    *Turns to bullgooselooney..."Wanna go get a beer? A rootbeer?"

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    Re:GREAT beers

    I prefer Guinness in the winter and Anchor American Ale in the summer. But mostly I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon because it's cheap and doesn't suck too bad.

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    Re:GREAT beers

    TSINTAO!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................


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