I'm having one problem.

I was testing out KMail's newly supported "maildir" format mail boxes but decided that I'm more into Sylpheed's MH mail boxes style especally since Sylpheed support importing from mbox style with ease. Kmail create directory with long file names such as 1036119107.1941.eTnT:2,S which Sylpheed could not understand even though I moved mail messages to Sylpheed's inbox folder and rescan it. Sylpheed puts messages in files names such as 1, 2, 3 and so on.

As a test, I rename the Kmail's long file name from 1036119107.1941.eTnT:2,S to the short format 1 and Sylpheed reads it good, no problem.

Now the problem is if I have to rename all the mails, I will have to do it 11728 times ( since I have a lot of mailing lists stuff which I like to migrate and preserve it ) and it's this huge task of doing it.

So can I use the scripts ( I know nothing about scripting ) for this stuff? Either with sed or awk or bash or whatever?? For example, read the file name in this specific folder, if the file name is longer than 8 charactors, then rename it to whichever file names that is one more incremental from the previous renaming? May be with C or C++ program?

Please help.