w00t! I finally figured out how to properly hook up my computer to my little stereo system. Now Daddy-o's* got bass! The stereo y-cable couldn't make proper contact inside the line-out port of the soundcard. So, in a fit of dementia, I grabbed a 1/8" cable extension, plugged it into my line-out port, plugged the y-cable into the extension, then plugged a set of stereo cables into the y-cable. From there, the stereo cables were plugged into the aux-in of my little Panasonic shelf stereo. Now I have bass! Not to mention, the stereo lost the capability to play cd's, so now it gets cd's, mp3's, ogg's, etc courtesy of my computer (running Linux, of course!). I am so stoked!

*Daddy-o is what my four year old daughter started calling me about two and a half years ago and it stuck.