I'm setting up a server for a school project using Slackware 8.1. It's almost done, except for one thing.... it won't connect to the network.

When I try to ping somebody, it says:

PING ( 56 octets data.

And then it just sits there. No 'network is unreachable', nothing. It doesn't say if the pings have made it, it doesn't say if they've failed. When I crtl-c it, it says:

-- Ping Statistics--
80 packets sent, 0 packets recieved, 100% packet loss.

Whenever somebody else tries to ping me, the same thing happens to them. I can ping localhost,, and (the assigned IP number for my server) fine. I've checked the gateway, netmask, and name server several times: they're the right numbers.

My ethernet card is an 3com Etherlink II. What's really strange is that it's worked before under Slackware 8.1.

And yes, the cable is plugged into the wall.

If anyone can figure out this mystery, they'll be my hero.