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Thread: Network Mystery Blank

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    Re:Network Mystery Blank

    Alright, I've double-checked with the network guy for my school:

    The subnet mask should be

    I set it to that, but again, nothing.

    I did a lsmod to see if the module for the card is loaded: it is.

    Physical connection is properly in.

    It is a regular ethernet cable.

    The broadcast has been changed to

    The same NIC was working under Slackware 8.1 on the exact same computer earlier. I had to reinstall Slack for other reasons, and now I'm at this point: everything besides the network interface working.

    The cable was working before, but I tried a new one anyways. Still no good.

    I wasn't able to ping the gateway, but the other people on my network could.

    So, yeah. Still no idea what it could be.

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    Re:Network Mystery Blank

    plug the cable from the lfs machine into your slack box to see if the card will work on another hub port. Don't change the end at the jack. Could be bad hub port or if managed hub port may need to be enabled.

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