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Thread: Domesticated

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    I had a horrible realization. My wife and I were talking as I was driving the other day. She used a word to describe me that cut me hard. She said I had become domesticated. It hurt when the fullness of it hit me. In high school I had be described by a friend of mine as a non-conformist, which I took as a complement.
    I spend every other weekend camping, and the ones I wasnt camping, i was paintballing. Hunting season was a sacred time that knew no interruption. Now I realize that I have a bow sitting in its case, unfired for over a year. Guns sitting my cabinet that havent been fired in years. And I realize what I have lost.... :'(

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    hurts to relize that you have lost your life to the dullnes of everyday work and stuff.

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    You say you have a loving wife? Children maybe?

    You'll start feeling much better when you count your blessings.

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    i have not one regret, yea i have become 'domesicated' but my kids are more than worth it.

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    Dont get me wrong, I love my wife and kids. I just miss what I used to be, which was more of a loner. I like to spend time by myself, and camp and whatnot, I just dont get to anymore. I want to go camping for a week by myself, and just go.
    2me domesticated == neutered

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    i know the feeling mountainman

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    I feel for ya, Mountainman. I was just talking with a friend the other day who told me that it must be great to be able to go off to Korea for year without the family. He said that I could do anything I wanted to, whenever I felt like it. I thought about it for a few minutes, then realized that while I miss being "my own man", it is much easier and much better to be domesticated. If you stop associating domesticated with neutered, it might make things easier to swallow (okay, it won't but it would make me feel better if you at least tried).

    Cheer up...weigh what you have compared to what you had, then just forget about it. That's what I do. And I'm only slightly insane !


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    It is just part of life, man. I have had the same kinds of experiences myself. But I have found that my wife and i have developed some common interests and things that we like to do together and that has made the transision much easier. Besides, I can still go fishing when I want too.

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    I'm never getting married.

    At least not until I'm 35+ years old.

    I'm too young to get married. My life has just started. I'm not ready to put on the ol' ball and chain. Or have kids. I wanna enjoy myself.

    On that note, if any ladies out there are interested in going on any dates with me, I'm available.

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    Prince -- thats why you get married and dont have kids right off the bat. Travel, enjoy yourselves.


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