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Thread: samba and passwords

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    samba and passwords

    hey i'm trying to set up samba on the computer science box that we use for development. i'm trying to share the homedirs based on the user, but since all the clients are win98, i have to use encrypted passwords, which means that i can't just use sync unix passwords. there are a lot of users, and i don't feel like having to add them individualy to the smbpasswd filr. that'll just take too long.

    any ideas?

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    Re:samba and passwords

    You can modify the win98 registry to enable unencrypted passwords. Here is one place that tells you how:

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    Re:samba and passwords

    Is not a good idea in security, nut also every time you add a new PC you have to run the script.

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    Re:samba and passwords

    [quote author=nerkey link=board=4;threadid=5432;start=0#52580 date=1035579942]
    You can modify the win98 registry to enable unencrypted passwords.

    no, i can't. there are something like 300 computers in my school, all of them run deepfreeze. basically it reimages the computer every time you reboot, do permanent changes are impossible, without going through a lot of red tape.

    basically i think i'm screwed and i'll have to add the passwords and users indivudually

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