Hey again,

I know you all are probably getting pretty sick my MySQL questions, and probably my questions in general :-\ . But I think the end is in sight for them for a little while. I was wondering if there is a GUI out there that is free and relatively easy to use for MySQL Admining, i.e. adding users and things like that. Also if anyone out there can give me some good pointers to either a good tutorial or some other refferance source for MySQL Admining, besides the MySQL manual (I find it a little too hard to understand :-[).

The reason for this is that I have the MySQL server running now as some of you have probably read about already. Now I need to add some users so that I can start actually using MySQL and hopefully then PHP. But I want a user that can create and delete their own databases, basically normal user rights, I just don't know what normal is for MySQL. I mean in Linux a user can do whatever they want with their own files, I want that in MySQL also. In linux a user can create almost whatever they want in the space allotted to them, would be nice in MySQL. Maybe I'm just thinking to much about it and it is already handled by the two together. But if anyone can give me some insight to these issues that would be great, thanx.

Sorry for the rant/long post