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Thread: Windows 2000

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    Re:Windows 2000

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=25;threadid=5377;start=0#52686 date=1035759577]
    [quote author=Grand Aardvark Kenshi link=board=25;threadid=5377;start=0#52683 date=1035759134]
    Right-click on the device and see what the driver files are. Then remove the device from the control panel and delete those files. I've had to do that before myself.
    i did that - but the little #$%@&*! is still getting detected. the people who developed the driver say they don't know...
    [/quote]Find the and temporarily rename it. It should be in C:\WINNT\Driver Cache\i386
    Make sure to restore the original name when you're finished testing the other drivers or you may run into some problems down the road.

    A tip for USB devices is to make sure you install the driver first. Then connect the device. I have a slight feeling this may be what is causing your problem.

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    Re:Windows 2000

    Windows is so easy

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    Re:Windows 2000

    [quote author=segfault link=board=25;threadid=5377;start=0#52706 date=1035786335]
    Windows is so easy

    I really wish Linux was as easy as Winblows... ;D

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    Re:Windows 2000

    well it is finally gone - some fellow have some special program that deleted a bunch of files plus clean the registry.

    win2k... easy my hiney >

    thanks all.

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    Re:Windows 2000

    To me, win2k was the beginning of the End for Windows. I liked Windows NT. 2K totally suckified the NT system as prelude to XP, the crawling abomination from the pit of Azgoth. Now that m$ is end-of-lifeing NT, I can say that they now serve no purpose at all.

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