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Thread: vsFTP on Redhat 8

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    vsFTP on Redhat 8

    I am trying to setup vsftp but am having 1 main problem and I cannot find any good documentation on the program. I can get the ftp to work and I can login using the account I made. However, it lets me access every file/directory on the hd. How can I make it to where the user cannot go past the ftp home directory. I have chroot_local_user=YES already set but not using it correctly I guess. Maybe I did not set it up correctly, anyone have a link that will help? I have /usr/ftp setup to be the main directory with each user having their own directory inside. I have got the web server up and running which uses the same directory (public_html directory inside each user directory inside /usr/ftp) and I want to be able to access that directory using ftp to upload files, etc. I changed the users to have no shells. Am I only supposed to make 1 ftp user acct and then make virtual users for the ftp? I'm just trying to learn how all this works and to get it working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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    Re:vsFTP on Redhat 8

    Also check the link

    directories EXAMPLE,FAQ

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