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Thread: SB128 programming

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    SB128 programming

    Hi all,

    I am looking for information about how to program a Soundblaster PCI128 on Linux. I am using Kdevelop 2.1 with Qt.

    Does anyone here know how to program that soundcard or know where i can found useful information??

    [EDIT] BTW i a using c/c++ [/EDIT]

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    Re:SB128 programming

    Program the SB128 ?? I'm confused here, what is it you want, to create a program with which you will be able to change hardware settings on the card ?

    Or just some music program, that will play a given file, and use the SB128 as output?

    For the last one you just need to open /dev/dsp in a nonblocking way, then pipe to it what ever sound you want to output.

    For the first one, you'll need to find the specifications for the hardware, a thing I doubt will be open to the public.

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    Re:SB128 programming

    Sorry i wasn't clear enough, but i meant to play a soundfile.

    So thanx for info

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    Re:SB128 programming

    The simplest way to do it is to cat blah.wav > /dev/dsp ... but that isn't bery practical. I assume you are using QT, in which case you can use QSound:

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