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    Internal Mail

    I've deployed my server which acts as an Internet gateway and email server. All windows workstation can send email internally, except for one macintosh machine, which outputs these errors on my sendmail logs:

    Oct 18 15:34:35 server sm-mta[3097]: g9I7YZl2003097: user.mac [] did not issue MA
    IL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA
    Oct 18 15:36:30 server sm-mta[3112]: g9I7aUl2003112: user.mac [] did not issue MA
    IL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

    What does this mean?

    Note: Mac machine can relay and receive emails. Only problem is the sending of the mac's internal email account (which produces the errors above).

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    Re:Internal Mail

    Dont know about linux, but windows has to have Services for Macintosh installed before macs can use their servers. Might be something like that. Sorry its not more. :-\

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    Re:Internal Mail

    I would imagine that the problem is with the client mail program on the MAC, not the server. AFAIK, sendmail could care less what platform you are running (nix, mac, winders) as long as that platform's mail client adheres to the standards of SMTP. Your box can recieve email because recieving email (vie either POP or IMAP) is not handled by sendmail, but by another service (xinetd, ipopd, imapd) Sendmail does one thing: it "sends mail". What mail client are you using on the mac? How is it configured to connect to the server? have you tried other mail clients? That's where I would start looking. If this is a vanilla install of sendmail, you shouldn't need to look at for the cause of the problem.

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    Re:Internal Mail

    I dont have much usefulness to say other than tolstoy is abosulutely correct. UNIX (including Linux variants) do email in a wonderful fashion -- right to the standards. So for POP3/SMTP -- all you need is a proper client. Try (for shits and giggles) something like Mozilla on your Mac. If you can make Moz connect and recieve messages, and connect and send messages -- its most obviously the client that you were using. Then you can start digging into the options there. Plus make sure that all of the TCP/IP drivers are present. UNIX loves TCP/IP, in case you haven't noticed ;D

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