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Thread: Linux and Compaq Proliant 3000

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    Linux and Compaq Proliant 3000


    Anyone here ever put ANY linux distro on Compaq Proliant 3000 server?

    It used to be an old WinNT server but, now I'd like to have some fun with it and put linux on it. I believe RH supports it but, I wanted to know if anyone else had success?


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    Re:Linux and Compaq Proliant 3000

    at work there are several of these (they replaced NT print servers - yea, not yea! for another linux victory, but yea! the damn print server works reliably now). anywho, i did not set them up at all, i know it is redhat and they are Compaq Proliants

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    Re:Linux and Compaq Proliant 3000

    I would assume it would work. If the latest and greatest version doesnt work, step back a revision or two. I am positive that these are supported at least 80% (maybe the onboard stuff doesnt work right) in a version back at most.

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    Re:Linux and Compaq Proliant 3000

    I don't know about the 3000s. But I have RH 7.2 on a number of Compaq Proliant ML370s and 530s. It works fine. All the hardware is more than supported.

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