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Thread: Samba and WinXP

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    Samba and WinXP

    OK, I got samba running on my RH 8.0 machine. I can browse the Linux box from Win clients and I can access shares on my Win9x machines from the Linux box, but I cannot access shares on my WinXP machine. I can find the box and it connects, but after entering the password I receive the following message: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS.

    I have setup a local account that has the same ID and password as the account I am using on the Linux box. I have granted Full Control to the share for the user that I setup on the XP box. I have also created the passwd file for the user on the Linux box. The smb.conf file is set use encrypted passwords. What could I be overlooking?


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    Re:Samba and WinXP

    I failed to mention one other thing in my previous post.

    This is what my log file has in it.

    unable to open passdb database.

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