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Thread: Database recommendations

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    Database recommendations

    Looking for a simple, gui, database that would work with SuSE 8.0 Pro. Have a personal database that has around 2000 entries in it. Used to use Access (can I say that word here?), but currently using the built-in database that comes with OpenOffice on Win2000. Had problems with it in Linux so took it off Linux. Any suggestions? (Remember you are not dealing with a rocket scientist here!

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    Re:Database recommendations

    MySQL or PostrgreSQL. Both have gui frontends. Look at for the frontends. For your purposes, I highly doubt that one is going to be superior to the other, just what GUIs there are for it.

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    Re:Database recommendations

    you can use mySQL with, which will give you most of the access style of stuff you're used to (QBE, for example)
    for the howto (it's a PDF).

    mySQL is easier, right out of the box IMHO, but it is missing some things. If you need to do nested subqueries, go with postgreSQL.

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