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Thread: The ideal Operating System

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    The ideal Operating System

    If it existed, what would it be like? What kind of features would it have?

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    Re:The ideal Operating System

    it would be alot like linux, have a window manager like fvwm... alot like my computer!!

    okay in addition - all hardware would come with drivers built in. this software driver crap sucks. the OS would then know what to do with the hardware. no i don't work for a flash manufactor! all i really want my OS to do - take care of my hardware and manage resources, e.g. memory, program execution...

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    Re:The ideal Operating System

    never, ever crash

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    Re:The ideal Operating System

    Hmm ... it would have a mascot weraing a hat ... no, not just any hat -- a Fedora! And it would be based on the oldest OS still in use. And it would be a major PITA to that shitty OS company MacroSerf.

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    Re:The ideal Operating System

    1. Total configurability at set up
    2. Install only apps and services I need
    3. Would be VERY easy to upgrade
    4. Never crash
    5. Can use the command "emerge"

    Think that covers it all.

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    Re:The ideal Operating System

    A totally real world secure os. One with great memory management. Total configurability from top to bottom. A kernel with the x-server built-in. Yea, that's about it.

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