I knwo this would more qualify for "BSD Distributions" but it doesnt exist

Okay quick one -- I am getting irritated with the shit PC's I get stuck with at work here. I am debating FreeBSD, simply due to the fact that OpenBSD for a fact doesnt do VMware or Samba client for shit. Can FBSD do Vmware and SMB client well? Basically I need a *nix workstation to possibly replace a RedHat term. The deciding factor is whether or not I can make Vmware play nice on my RedHat setup and speed this slut of a PC up. Its slow to say the least. Luckily of the 2 major DMs, GNOME2 is slighly faster and thus most usable over KDE. But christ -- I have a p2-266 288Mb ram and a 6 GB hd. This should be able to do all of this -- used to!! Hell at home I had (for shits and gigles) 4 VMware VMs up running several RedHats and Slacks concurrently on top of RedHat 7.1. It ran fine. K7-900 512MB ram ..

Oh well, any ideas?