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Thread: cdrom and musik cds

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    cdrom and musik cds

    Hello all,

    I'm having a litle problem getting my cdrom to work with musik CDs and Xmms, or any other cd player. i have /cdrom and it points to /media/cdrom and is listed in fstab as:

    /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom auto ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0

    All the players say that no disc is found, any ideas?

    I have SuSE8.0 and combined CDROM/CDRW/DVD drive. and sound works.


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    Re:cdrom and musik cds

    My guess is that /dev/cdrom is not linked to your actual cd device in your music cd player(s), e.g., /dev/hdb if it is slaved to the primary hd.

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    Re:cdrom and musik cds

    OK, /cdrom is linked agianst /cdrecorder which is linked agians /dev/cdrecorder which is linked agianst /dev/sr0. when i specify playing the directory /dev/cdrecorder i can play cd's. when i try to use GRIP to make mp3s, i get and error that says it cannot open the cdrom, although when i specify the device with grip -d /dev/cdrecorder i can play the cds.

    I think i hosed the block device /dev/hdb by useing ln wrong, it is now a link to cdrom. how would i create a new block device

    Thanks, B

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    Re:cdrom and musik cds

    do an
    ls -l /dev/cdrom

    in the /etc/ folder and see what ti shows. Perhaps the symlink is broken. But as nerkey said, try the actual ide port itself (/dev/hd[b-d]). That would always do the trick. The symlink is merely there to make references to the dvd/cdrom/cdr a tad bit easier.

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