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Thread: New Linux versions follow standard path

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    New Linux versions follow standard path

    Four new versions of Linux have been certified to comply with guidelines set down by the Linux Standard Base, a group trying to make it easier for software to run on different companies' versions of the Unix clone.

    Red Hat 8, SuSE 8.1, SCO Group OpenLinux 3.1.1 and MandrakeSoft 9 ProSuite all comply with the LSB's guidelines, according to the Free Standards Group, which oversees the LSB certification process.

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    Re:New Linux versions follow standard path

    That reminds me of a question that I have been meaning to ask:

    It says that the Mandrake 9 ProSuite is certified. Is this because that is the version that Mandrakesoft submitted? Or, is this the only Mandrake 9 version that complies (meaning that the downloadable version is standards compliant)? Just a small, silly question.


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