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    So I just started work, and it seems they have a transparent proxy that only lets ftp and http through. I understand they don't want people goofing off during work, but what about during lunch? (like now) and what about when you need a linux box (That's really all I'm upset about, I need my ssh!)

    I tried moving ssh to port 21 but it seems it transparent proxies the request, not blocks ports.

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    Don't feel bad, my ISP closes every interesting port - I'm not even allowed to SSH, they say it's a security risk..

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    i know how you feel... at work we can't do anything but surf the web (and a lot of sites are blocked) and mail (using Lotus Notes... which completely sucks)

    trying to connect to a machine on the outside at any other port than 80 just isn't allowed :/

    it sucks, but seeing as how it's one of the largest banks of my country i kinda understand why they are a bit paranoid

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    I have the same problem at school.. We can telnet (but the rules say we're not supposed to.. wtf?).. but we can't ssh.. That's great, block the secure connection, not the insecure one...

    I think it's so they can know whatever we do...

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    So couldn't you just make ssh listen on 23?

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    [quote author=gorn link=board=14;threadid=9244;start=0#msg83615 date=1085161839]
    I tried moving ssh to port 21 but it seems it transparent proxies the request, not blocks ports.
    Yeah, transparent proxies sucks. Tried using port 443?

    There are also some CGI scripts that can issue some system commands via CGI interface but it's security risk since they do not check against who is logging in. A great learning tool via HTTP for those who do not own Unix/Linux box.

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    I came up with this great plan on how I could trick the transparent ftp server into letting me through, by me running a fake ftp server that sends custom PASV commands.

    Then after writting it I realized that all ports >1024 are free to use...

    So I use 9822 now.

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