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Thread: best HD manufacturer

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    Western Digital Special Edition is the best harddrive series out there... periode...

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    The six gig Western Digital in this box was bought brand new in 1998 and has never given me any trouble.

    Yes, its old and small by today's standards but it does what I need. And this is the second box that it has lived in. ;D

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    My vote goes to Maxtor.

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    i'm slightly disturbed by those earlier entries but i say seagate, WD are nice. i have a few that are still running after several partitioning jobs. my box has a samsung mostly cuz it was the cheapest and samsungs are decent. though i have had friends of mine say very bad things about WD

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    Three little letters: IBM

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    [quote author=ASCI_Blue link=board=3;threadid=5253;start=0#51731 date=1034307681]
    Three little letters: IBM

    One sentence for you:

    F**king GXP60 killed my server.

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    We all must also understand that it doesnt matter whose name it is, its who actually manufactured it. WD has a subpar Mexican and Korean manufacturing facilities that make SHIT drives. yet every other facility is top of the line. I would presume that with IBM now restamping their name on Samsungs, and Samsung taking over, that will chage Samsungs' status. Doesnt maxtor have a facility or two that is shit?

    these days in all reality, its who built, not sold.

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    actual test results of about 20 old hard drives:
    lots of maxtors and quantums and seagates
    still working, NO wd still working.

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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    My turn now? I have had 3 WD (all crapped out) 2 sitting on a shelf that make a great grinding noise (Halloween sound efx).
    A maxtor that died and was replaced (replacement died)

    Two seagates (both are running okay)

    IBM 40 gig that rocks although it is a bit noisy

    A maxtor that is running WinXP (Dont ask wife will not switch).

    So a maxtor and IBM that are still running. I would have to vote either of them..


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    Re:best HD manufacturer

    Got a pair of Maxtor 7200 RPM's in my box; 1-15 Gb, 1-40Gb, no problems with Maxtor over the 2 years they've been installed, I'll stick with Maxtor.


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