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Thread: Since I felt the other thread kinda got off-track...

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    Since I felt the other thread kinda got off-track...

    Go ahead and combine the boards again. Then, only have the moderators moderate misplaced threads and personal attacks. Nothing else.

    Dont lock anything that "could" offend anyone, if certain topics offend people then they should stay out of Rants. Simple as that.

    If you guys need some help moderating I can help. I have strayed from the bored some because I have been playing Dark Ages of Camelot and not really running Linux and I felt like a hypocrite hanging here and not using Linux.

    But, I love this site and if it helps by me hanging out here a little more than I do now then I will. Its not like I dont lurk anyhow.

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    Re:Since I felt the other thread kinda got off-track...

    Hey noblestknight!

    I agree 100% with you up to the hypocrite part -- you are not a hypocrite. this about having fun sharing knowlegde of Linux. You are not held at gunpoint to use it if you wanna shoot the shit in Penguin Happyland.

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    Re:Since I felt the other thread kinda got off-track...

    where have you been?

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