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Thread: mandrake 8.1 c compiler question

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    mandrake 8.1 c compiler question

    hi i just installed mandrake 8.1 .i need vi editor, a c compiler and unix itself for my classes unix/linux (im a first year student graduate computing. i use kde and a user login(not root i mean) i can get vim to work, write and save an exercise, but when i use cc or gcc i get 'commands not found'
    can anyone help me out here, im a total linux newbie.
    i only installed from cd1 . coud it be that i didnt install a c compiler? how do i install this?
    many thanks in advance

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    Re:mandrake 8.1 c compiler question

    You need to install the compiler, on disc 2 (or three if it comes with that) theres a gcc-<some version>mdk.i586.rpm file, this is the c compiler.
    Now I've never used mandrake, but there are a few tools to install it with, I think mandy comes with urpmi, or gnorpm else theres the good old rpm tool ie: rpm -i <filename>
    In order to get the full functioning of gcc, then you'll need to install the other packages it provides and is dependent on. The following comes to mind:

    The gcc-g77 and gcc-chill isn't needed for C/C++ code.

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    Re:mandrake 8.1 c compiler question

    hi many thanks for the info redhead, i m searhing like mad for that.
    i tried doing the right klick, software installer (kde desktop)
    then it tells me about those dependencies, i select to install them all, but when it says 'wait while installing'. my second cdrom opens and i get a message asking for cd 1. i insert 1, press ok, but it keeps reopening and asking for disc 1.
    im going to try the tools you told me. hope that will work better.

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