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Thread: Port 6000---the x11 port

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    Port 6000---the x11 port

    Anyone know how to turn off port 6000 in slack 8.1?

    startx -- -nolisten tcp

    This works fine, but I dont want my 6yold to have to type that every time he logs in. As I dont use remote x sessions, port 6000 never needs to be open.

    Any help is always well received, thanks.

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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    edit your startx script and change defaultserverargs="-nolisten tcp"

    that should do.

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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    I put it in the xinitrc.kde. Still left the port open---am I putting it in the wrong spot?

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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    xinitrc.kde is after the server is started, in the actual /usr/X11R6/bin/startx file the top few lines have defaultservargs="" thats where you add the parameters.

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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    Thank you, thank you!!

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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    I thank you for the answer, too!

    My follow-up question is:
    After making the change in startx, what do I need to do for this to start working? Is it just a matter of restarting X? Or do I need to restart the whole server?



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    Re:Port 6000---the x11 port

    Restarting the x server should do it

    Let me rephrase that lol, restarting x should do it.

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