Hey people,
We all know there are a ton of cool applications for Linux - keeping track of them is the hard part and knowing all the apps out there is even tough. For instance i was looking and looking for someing to covert my mp3s to oggs, then rename and add ID3 tags. Tonight after I am l done with this task I find this!!

Cantus - an easy to use tool for tagging and renaming MP3 and OGG/Vorbis files.

So if you could please post something that is kinda unique lets everyone know. I hope to keep this thread sticky...

BTW people!! I will be editing posts just to keep a consistant format, e.g. the application name will be a link to the application and that is about all. The context will not change. I am guessing this will get bigger and one of these days i will wanna catagorize stuff.

And oh yea! all responses get an + carma point!