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Thread: Cool applications

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    Re:Cool applications

    Give Easytag a try. It's another mp3 tag editor:

    I don't think Limewire's been mentioned here so:

    It's a cross platform Gnutella client written in Java that doesn't have all the spyware in it that the Windows version does (hah!). For all the noise that's been made about the usefulness of p2p I've never gotten any results on a search for an open-source work while using Gnutella. But if you're looking for smut or music it's a good choice...

    Definitely not open-source but RTCW: Enemy Territory is a really good multiplayer game that works will in Linux. It's a stand-alone game that's free to play and it's really fun. Definetly worth the download.

    Epiphany is a light-weight fork of the Galeon project (which was a light-weight fork of the Mozilla project). As a die-hard Gnome2 user Epiphany looks really promising to me. They haven't released any binaries yet but if you're into testing alpha quality software that you don't mind building yourself head here:

    That's enough for now.. More to come later as I find the linkage..

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    Re:Cool applications

    Emergency Boot CD

    Nice tool for both Windows and *nix admins.

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    Re:Cool applications

    After battling for a week to view multiple .tiff pages i finally found a program (thnx to the moderators of this lj forum) that prints .tiff images nicely, as well as viewing multiple pages. Many a hour was spent searching the net for info, and i found that it was a common problem. Therefore i think this is a great application for .tiff viewing.

    KDE Image Viewer: kview

    Hope i solved someone's prob!

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    Re:Cool applications

    some of those links are bad on the PET

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    Re:Cool applications

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=2;threadid=5187;start=60#65112 date=1052851702]
    some of those links are bad on the PET

    hi coltrane,
    to spare me the hour or so it takes to go through them all could you please let me know whihc ones you know about.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Haven't been exploring it for long, but so far it looks VERY promising.

    GNU Octave is a free mathematical language that's mostly compatible with MATLAB. How compatible? Well I've managed to do a good 2 pages of MATLAB homework on it without a hitch.

    EDIT: LC's right. is the sourceforge repository for octave script files. As an update to what I posted before, I've been using it for a few days now and its compatibility with Matlab seems to be over 95% ("print" is "shg" but that's the only difference I've found so far). This thing is REALLY cool!

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    Re:Cool applications

    if you are going to get octave, you need octave-forge as well - thus making octave nearly as good as mathlab - I use it for my DSP classes and it totally rocks.

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    Re:Cool applications

    PB, the following link was posted in reply to a Kernel question with NTFS. Thought it was appropriate for addition to this thread.

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    Re:Cool applications

    I have to rank this as one of the most useful pieces of software that I've come across in a while. Its an app that enables your nvidia tv out. All you need to do is configure it, and then press the "TV on" button. Its all gui, I just downloaded the binary and it ran straight away. I have to admit its not perfect, it is still in alpha state, but it is definitely usable.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Kermit - Highly configurable, very robust protocol/terminal program. Works great for telnet, ftp, ppp, etc, etc...

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